All of your investments

In one, comprehensive solution.


Features & Benefits

Manager Research, Analysis
& Contact Management

Central database of information on a manager’s investment products, due diligence you are performing, track records, and analytics. All in the cloud.
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Management System

Complete and accurate record of your investment history, valuations, rates of return, and P&L across all asset classes.
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Shared Securely
in the Cloud

With all your portfolio data and manager research info in the cloud, sharing and accessing information is easy…
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Outsourced Administration
Services Available

Don’t have the staff to keep up with the operational work flow?  No problem, let us do it for you…
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Complete Asset
Class Coverage

Handle all your asset classes and investment product types with one solution.
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Performance Attribution

From policy decisions to investment manager selection, understand how each decision impacts your results….
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Finally, an investment technology
solution design with you in mind.

Parilux was designed for the investment professional
overseeing a multi-manager portfolio.

We’ve helped
Teams become

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