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We started Parilux to serve the demanding needs of investment professionals who are tasked with selecting the best investment managers in the world. From the beginning, we envisioned a software suite that could make you more productive, help you stay organized, and give you answers….not more questions.

While working in the Fund of Hedge Fund business, Mark and Peter both recognized the need for an integrated / vertical technology solution that would address the needs of asset allocators. So much technology has been developed for stock, bond, and derivative traders, while so little has been built to address the needs of those responsible for selecting professional money managers and allocating capital in the financial markets. Parilux was started to address those needs and provide Endowments, Foundations, Pension Funds and other allocators of capital with a comprehensive Portfolio and Research Management System.

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Mark Robert D’Andrea

Managing Member

Mark is a founding member of Parilux where he is responsible for overall business development, client service, and the strategic direction of the firm and products. He started his career in finance at Morgan Stanley and later was Managing Director and global head of the Prime Brokerage business at Barclays Bank. After Barclays, he was a member of the Investment Committee of Riverview Alternative Investment Advisors, a Fund of Hedge Funds.

Mark resides in Summit NJ with his wife and loves cooking, skiing, photography, snorkeling in turquoise water, and spending time with his 3 boys and dog “Lola”.

He holds a B.S. in Finance & Economics from Lehigh University (‘85).

Pete is founding member of Parilux and is the chief architect of the software products of the firm. He started his career in financial technology working for Dr. Harry Markowitz creating mean variance optimization programs, an integral part of modern portfolio theory. He later built the research and quantitative analytical systems for Riverview Alternative Investment Advisors, a $1.5bb fund of hedge funds. Prior to his work in financial technology, he helped develop advanced military communication systems (the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System) at GEC-Siemens, a defense contractor.

Peter’s interest in technology and systems began during his days as a Ph.D candidate at Cornell where he developed and programmed models for simulating biochemical processes. He now resides in Marlboro NJ with his wife, loves to bike, hike, travel, solve problems, and spend time with his 4 daughters.

He received a Ph.D in Biochemistry from Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences (’83) and a B.S. in Chemistry from Utah State University (’77). Pete is a CFA charter holder and has been published in several financial industry publications and books.

G. Peter Todd PhD, CFA

Managing Member

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