Manager Research and Analysis

Quantitative Firepower.
Qualitative Harmony.

Parilux is a comprehensive manager research tool allowing you to track all pertinent data on your potential universe of investments. It is a robust quantitative engine for your returns based analysis but also supports all the qualitative work you do during the investment research process.

What it does:

  • Central Database of Manager Returns
  • Benchmark Returns
  • Document Management
  • Contact Management / Event Tracking
  • Due Diligence Management
  • Portfolio Construction and Analysis
  • Individual Investment Analysis

Discover the Manager Research
& Document Handling features of Parilux

Contact and
Document Management

Store and organize your contact information, documents, and meeting notes with Investment managers utilizing advanced searching capabilities.

Integrated Email

We have a built-in Email Reader which will speed along the process of filing documents and storing emails with the appropriate investment.

Due Diligence

Customize and track progress of due diligence items your organization requires to move a manager from a potential investment to an actual investment.

Portfolio Construction
and Analysis

Advanced portfolio construction tools and “what if” capabilities allows you to add and subtract managers from existing portfolios.


Track standard and create custom benchmarks. Assign to specific managers, investments, asset classes, or policy groups.


Analyze an investment with numerous performance calculations and associated graphics.

Peer Group

Create and track peer groups of investments.


Develop and apply your own factor models.

Data Source

You can use Parilux as a central warehouse of information from other data service providers. Import and analyze data from Morningstar, HFR, TASS, Bloomberg, etc.

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How do I get my data into your system?

We have import utilities to get your data moving. Manager returns, benchmarks and static data can be imported easily.

What kind of analyses can be done with Parilux?

Both quantitative and qualitative work can be done on our system. We have hundreds of quantitative analyses that support time series based analyses. Further, you can organize and record a qualitative system manager research as well.

Can I use third party databases with your Research system?

Yes, we can support multiple data vendors and logically combine these feeds into common records by creating a hierarchy of data priorities.   So when different vendors have the same data, you can choose which vendor has priority. (All support subject to the data vendor’s licensing agreements.)

I have multiple time series for the same investment due to different share classes, or fee structures. Can you support that?

Yes, a single investment can store multiple track records (time series) so you don’t need to set up a separate investment for each time series.

We retain a lot of documents during our research process - can your system help us with that?

Yes, the Parilux Dossier feature allows you to store and share any file type you have and associate them with various subjects in the database. Whether it is associated with a person or investment or firm, you’ll be able to store the document and find it easily.

How can I find documents on your system?

We have advanced search capabilities to help keep everything you need at your fingertips.

Can I perform “what if” analyses with Parilux?

Yes, starting with an existing portfolio, easily introduce new potential investments to analyze the quantitative impact of those additions. Similarly you can remove an existing investments from a portfolio to see the portfolio results without that investment.

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