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Parilux can work with your investment team to maintain portfolio data (transactions and valuations) in Parilux. We will reconcile data back to custody records and provide you with a complete, accurate, and independent view of portfolio holdings and performance analytics.

How It Works:
We assign a staff member to work closely with your investment team and custodian to input all portfolio transactions, capital flows, final valuations of investments, Estimated Valuations of investments and other income and expense items into Parilux. You have real-time access to updated information on your desktop.

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Parilux’s Data Management Service

Complete and Accurate

We will reconcile the portfolio system records back to the custodial records to make sure all parties are in line.

We can help:

  • Independently validate your performance numbers
  • Catch custodial errors
  • Provide you with an independent and portable source of transaction and valuation history to make transitioning to another custodian or consulting firm easier.

Real-Time Access to Data

Changes we make to your Parilux data are reflected in real-time across all of your devices and user accounts.

Conversion of History

We know the idea of converting historical data to a new system can be overwhelming for your team. Our staff can help you migrate your data to the Parilux platform.

Instant Experience

Staffing your own operations team can be an expensive proposition Our team has years of experience to provide the detailed attention you need at a cost effective rate.

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I don’t have the support right now to operate your system, but I will in a few years. Can I still use your system if I hire my own operations staff?

Yes. The great thing about our structure is that you can be a software only client if you no longer need operational support. Just take over all (or parts) of the administration process and you will be able to seamlessly transition to doing your own middle office functions.

What happens to my data if I no longer want Parilux to service my portfolio?

We strongly believe that your data is yours. Every agreement comes with our pledge to help you transition to a new solution if needed. We can help you get your data out of our systems as easily as it went in.


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