Portfolio Management System

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Parilux is a comprehensive portfolio management solution that allows you to capture all investment transactions, valuations and activity across all asset classes.

What it does:

  • Portfolio Tracking – Broad Asset Class Support
  • Fund Accounting and Valuation
  • Portfolio Planning and Reporting
  • Performance Measurement

Assets Types Covered:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Closed End Funds / ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Swaps

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Features of Parilux

Portfolio Reporting
& Analysis

We have extensive portfolio reporting and analysis features to support decisions and give answers when they are needed.


Clearly see the impact of potential and known future activity on your portfolio…


Recalculate management and performance fees charged by your investment managers.

General Ledger

Turn on accounting features and every portfolio transaction can become a journal entry.

Excel Addins /

We’ve developed a comprehensive set of addin features that allows you to access Parilux data and calculations in realtime from our servers.

Master Feeder /

We support full lookthrough capabilities to help you drill into the detail exposures of a separate account or summarize it back at a higher levels (works great for futures overlay programs)

Advanced Performance

From policy decisions to investment manager selection, understand how each decision impacts your results.


Advanced liquidity management allows you to precisely track your available liquidity and also model Private Equity liquidity in one system.

Risk Management /
Classification Management

Track the various exposures your portfolio has over time, classified the way you want on any number of levels.


Track cash for current and anticipated future transactions.


Track your historical policies weights over time.


Configure our reconciliation module to help you keep your custody data straight.

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I already get portfolio and performance reports, why do I need Parilux?

Our unique suite of reports, analyses, and tools will give you unparalleled access to your portfolio data. Best practices also state that having a parallel portfolio system like Parilux will ensure data accuracy, redundancy and give you the opportunity to truly “own” your data.

Do I need to convert historical transactions onto Parilux?

In order to get the full benefits of Parilux, it is suggested that you convert as much historical transaction history and valuation history as possible onto our systems.

How much support is provided for conversions of our investment history?

As little or as much as you’d like! We have the resources to help you convert your historical data onto our systems.   We can work with data feeds from custodial or administrative records, spreadsheets, or manager statements.

Do you really cover all those asset classes?

Yes, we do. Each investment is defined to a product type which in turn drives the transaction types we show you. Hedge Funds will use Subscriptions and Redemptions, Private Equity will use Capital Calls and Distributions, Stocks, Futures, Options will use Buy and Sell nomenclature.

Do I need to hire a team of accountants to use your system?

Definitely not. The accounting features of Parilux are an option that can be turned on or off within our Portfolio System. For non-accounting folks, transactions are entered as they natively occur.

Can I customize user access levels to the system?

Yes, users are given edit or view privileges which gives you the ability to control who is editing data in the portfolio system. A user can also be given “Manager” or “Admin” privileges to further elevate access to some features.

Are we entitled to software updates when available?

Yes, all our clients are running the latest version of our systems. Our SAAS model allows you to pay a flat monthly fee for access to the system which includes all upgrades we develop and release.

How often do you release new versions of your systems?

We are constantly developing new features. We typically perform a new release once a month.

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