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PC + Cloud = High Performance Sharing

Parilux architecture allows you to share information in the cloud so everyone is on the same page, real-time, but at the same time benefit from the number crunching power of your local machine.

How It Works:
You download our Apps to your PC and connect to your own database which we host in a secure level 4 data center facility. You experience a fast, responsive application with little lag…and all your numbers at your finger tips.

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Lightening Fast User Interface

The Parilux application was designed to provide our user’s with a lighting-fast and fluid experience optimized for desktop use. Apps provide an optimal user experience by offloading processes to the local machine and off a central server, which removes some of the speed limitations browser-based platforms face.

Real-Time Updates

Changes made to any aspect of your data on Parilux Systems are shared instantly with your team. This allows large teams to work on projects with seamless integration of ideas and workflow.

Mobile Ready

Parilux users are able to access their data on the go. Parilux’s app is accessible on most popular devices PC and mobile devices. Our dedicated Citrix environment allows you to connect virtually any device to our infrastructure and access your data. Windows Tablets, Windows Laptops/PCs, Macs, IPad and Android devices.

Accessible Data 100% of the Time

We initialize each client with their own database so that backup and restoration of your data is easy. In the unlikely event that our data centers are offline for an extended period of time, you can continue to operate with a local copy. Further, you’ll never be trapped by your decision to use Parilux. Your data is your data. We promise to keep your info secure, accessible and portable to other platforms.

Tier 4 Data Centers

– Low latency / high bandwidth networks
– SSD DC Grade Hardware
– Redundant networks
– Redundant Cooling
– Redundant power

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Why don’t you deploy your application through a web browser?

We believe that the providing a desktop application, connected to the cloud gives you the best of both worlds. Desktop performance and responsiveness provided by the local resources of your computer, and SQL backend in the cloud for ease of access and sharing data among team members gives users a great experience.

Where is my data?

We use the most secure data hosting facilities to run our back end servers.  Amazon AWS and Rackspace both offer us fantastic economies of scale and reliability.

Is there any recommended WAN or internet access speeds required to use the system?

Generally speaking, bigger is better here. But modest broadband access will work fine. We’ve optimized the system to minimize latency and rely on your local resources when possible.

How do I update the application when new releases are available?

Whenever you launch our systems, they check to make sure you have the latest version. If you don’t, it will recommend you upgrade to the latest version. One click and you will be downloading the latest version. It typically takes seconds to download and re-launch the system.

How often is my data backed up?

We backup your data every two hours. It is stored in multiple offsite locations.



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